Hi, hi! *waves* We're up here! Hey guys!

Canada had a federal election last night! let me explain further.

canada has elections once every 4 years.

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so, no. we didn't get an obama (in fact we voted the same guy back in with MORE power than last time, derp derp derp) but i think we proved that we can CHANGE things. we changed the world of canadian politics in several DRASTIC and life-impacting ways, last night. i'm proud.

on a final note: LAYTON FOR PRIME MINISTER, 2015!
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feel free to comment anon, if you wish apparently commenting anon is a lie. so it's a public entry now? idk.

do you make noise when you come? what if you're by yourself, masturbating? or what if you're with someone? i'm not talking deafening screaming, just any vocalization.


ps. i don't make any noise when i'm jerking off, so i'm curious about other people.
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I think I'm gonna get all three? Wrapped around my left ankle.

Does anyone have suggestions on what I can get between them? To make sure they stay separate? I was thinking stars, but it's almost too scene.
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Empires sort of slays me. Empires and Motion City Soundtrack.

Favorite song off Howl?

Under The Bright Lights. The lyrics are dark, but the song is bright and perfect, and it makes me want to cry and sing and run and just fucking do something.

This is why I love music. This is why I want to sing.