don't give up before the miracle

hold me and watch the apocalypse; baby we did this
15 August 1986
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Kelly; ♦noun kel-ly

1. also known as kbee, kell, kel que chose; 2. can be found wherever her fandoms lurk; 3. has an addictive and obsessive personality; 4. values her friends above all else, though music? a close second; 5. is useless without you; 6. roars loudly when provoked and purrs contentedly when petted; 7. is stealing the definition idea from kitty; 8. hopes you don't judge her on what you see here, because this is just the internet. there's a whole person out there; 9. writes at i_ncendiary; 10. loves cover songs, though we don't know why.; 11. has an addiction to bandom adventures and everyone who goes along with them; 13. plays the game. and now you've lost. 14. video blogs about coffee, kris allen and gold stars. every wednesday at five awesome baristas;

Webcam Is Love.

"that is correct gabriel", \o/, acting, alex suarez, almost famous, bandom, bandom makes me poor, bisexual, bob bryar, bob bryar's solo project, breaking into song (randomly), brendon urie, brian schechter, bribing tamahome with lemon-chicken, buffy the vampire slayer, cobra starship, convoy to sweden, costumes, dance, david bowie, david hewlett, diners, eppiphane, failed seduction, fandom clash, fanfiction, firefly, frank iero, friends, gabe saporta, gabe saporta's basement, gay, gerard way, gerard way saves lives, girls, glen duncan, glitter, harry potter, highfivulation!!!, hobbits, hoodies, house of leaves, hp, icons, ineffible flackness of being, insanity, jack sparrow, jackass, jason isaacs, jon walker, kliwen, layouts, lembas, lesbian, let's sex up ari, listening to music, little purple ribbons, lord of the rings, lucifer, making unreasonable demands, mark z. danielewski, mikeyway, moulin rouge, movies, music, my chemical romance, my friends, naming goldfish after meals, not drinking laundry detergent, not shutting up, once more with feeling, ottawa, patrick stump's voice, pete fucking wentz, pete wentz's stupid face, peter pan, photography, piercings, pirates of the caribbean, potroast, pyramid head, rain, ray toro, remus lupin, river tam, rosencrantz and guildenstern, rps, ryland blackinton, screw on sex toys, sex, shakespeare, shameless flirting, sharp pointy things, shitty music magazines, shopping, sirius black, slash, squashing bloody goblins, starbucks, stargate atlantis, steve the wraith, sugar, tabula rasa, talking, tattoos, the cliks, the euphoria, the penguin conspiracy, the umbrella academy, the used, the v, this is ivy league, to corrupt innocent ones, vampires, velvet goldmine, victoria asher, wasting time, wish, wraith!sheppard, writing.